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Anxiety and Stress Relief

Help is at hand, the natural way

Anxiety is normal & natural, it plays an important role in our lives.  It keeps us safe, it alerts us when danger is on hand and puts us into fight, flight or freeze mode so that we can take appropriate action to a given situation.

On perceiving a threat, in a split second, our bodies are flooded with chemicals which trigger many physical changes. Our breathing gets faster, our heart rate goes up, we may experience palpitations, our stomachs may 'churn', we start to sweat, we can feel dizzy and light headed.  Sometimes this escalates into a full blown panic attack.


These are all normal reactions that allow us to react quickly to danger BUT...... sometimes, that threat isn't really a threat.  The feelings we experience can be very uncomfortable and then we begin to fear the fear which creates a loop of high anxiety and it feels like everything is spiralling out of control.

It doesn't have to be this way!

As an Anxiety Specialist - using a blend of therapies, I can take you on a journey of learning how to manage those emotions, feelings, behaviours, ridding yourself of the endless crippling cycle of worry and bringing balance back into your life again.

If you would like to learn more about my Anxiety Relief Program, then book a free consultation to chat more.

Just think, in six short weeks - you could begin to live the life you want, just like many of my clients.  

Anxiety Relief Program Price £425.00*

*Complete program consists of six one to one sessions.

Sessions can be carried out face to face, online or a blend of both, conducted over 6 - 10 weeks.  

Payment plan available.

Terms and conditions apply.

Here is what they have to say...

Image by Nixx Studio

This was a really positive experience hypnotherapy really helped me with anxiety Coral makes you feel completely at ease and helped me with techniques dealing with the anxiety.

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