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Image by Dominik Scythe


Virtual Gastric Band

Do you have a significant amount of weight you would like to lose and struggle with weight management?

Did you know that hypnotic gastric band therapy has a higher success rate than surgical treatment?

Imagine being able to have all the benefits of losing weight without the drawbacks of cost, time off work for appointments and surgery, recovery time, pain, and possible complications.

Rosie decided enough was enough!  She had worked with me on other issues and decided that she wanted to address her weight and diet.  We had loads of fun choosing her own anaesthetist and surgeon, they were experts in her favourite program Gray's Anatomy and she knew they would do a good job and she would be in safe hands.  Well, she was right, she states....

"To say I'm pleased is an understatement.  I feel so much better in myself , I'm more agile, can get down to tie my shoes without becoming a breathless, sweaty wreck.  I can whittle my way into tight corners to clean lol.  I'm enjoying wearing clothes that aren't all loose and tent shaped.  I can now get into my size 12 jeans....... I'm eating much healthier than I have done in years and I don't miss chocolate at all"


Get in touch to find out how this pain free, non surgical procedure can help you achieve your goals.

Virtual Gastric Band Program Price - £299.00*

*Complete program consists of four one to one sessions.

Sessions can be carried out face to face, online or a blend of both, conducted over 4 - 6 weeks.  

Payment plan available.

Terms and conditions apply.

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