Hot flushes, tropical moments, night sweats.

 Help is on hand, the natural way .

Every woman will go through peri-menopause and the menopause and we need tools to support and sustain our lifestyles, maintaining homes, parenting (it never ends), relationships and navigating our working roles whilst we go through this period of change.  

Perhaps you can't take H.R.T. or don't want to take it but are searching for a more natural alternative.

Clinical trials have shown that hypnosis can help reduce hot flushes and night sweats by as much as 80%.  

As an accredited practitioner of the Menopause Relief Program, I provide a holistic approach covering all aspects of the menopause from education on what is happening to your body, what foods can support the hormonal changes and hypnotherapy to aid the reduction of hot flushes and night sweats.

Imagine taking back control and leading the life that you want.

Free 15 minute consultations available.

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