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Menopause - Hot flushes, Night Sweats, Anxiety and associated Sleep Problems.

Symptoms of menopause can be debilitating, affecting mental health, home life, work life, relationships and leave you questioning what on earth is going on. I recently sat in on a webinar run by Bupa and although this is an area that I specialise in, I was still shocked by some of the statistics from a recent survey of 4000 women.

Did you know that.......

44% of women say that the menopause affects their mental health

75% of women said that menopause had changed their lives

50% of women said that it had a very negative impact on their working lives.

Statistically, you will live longer being menopausal than you will live as a menstruating woman and according to a report 'Better for Women' - 2019

51% of our population is female

47% of the workforce is female

58% of unpaid carers are female

This is a huge part of the population that will go through menopause, a perfectly natural phase in life, just like puberty, and yet we don't discuss it. We don't share what is happening, the symptoms and what help and support is available.

Watch this space.... I will be sharing my article about how my Menopause Relief Therapy has helped ladies get back control which will feature in the spring edition of Menopause Matters magazine (out later this month).

You do not have to 'put up with it', you don't have to suffer in silence. Get in touch with me to find out how I may be able to help you control those hot flushes, reduce those night sweats and get a good night's sleep and reduce that anxiety that also helps reduce the brain fog. Reclaim your life!

Email me now to arrange a free consultation to discuss your symptoms:

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