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What People Say

Weight Loss Feedback

I can thoroughly recommend Coral as a Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have undergone a series of sessions to help me lose weight. So far I have managed to eat more healthily and have lost weight without feeling deprived or hungry. The sessions have been enjoyable and totally relaxing.  

- D.M.

Menopause Relief Feedback

To summarise the programme: I set off in week 1 to help with hot flushes, night sweats, anxiety, mood swings, general health and wellbeing. Not convinced this was the right route but believed there had to be a solution that didn’t involve medication. I am now in control of my hot flushes and night sweats to the point where I welcome them and deal with them as easily as blinking my eyes, my anxiety levels go up and down but again through positive thought and counting to 4 these can be swept away. I am in general a better person to be around and like myself again. I do not drink any caffeine but do have the odd gin! But knowing that I might have a rough night I weigh up the pros and cons to having this gin!. 

- L.C.

Anxiety Feedback

I would highly recommend anyone thinking about Hypnotherapy to make an appointment with Coral. It was the first session I have had and was not really sure what to expect. Coral takes time to explain what will happen during the session, asks what you want to get from the session and really put me at ease. I cannot thank her enough because she helped me gain clarity on what was quite a difficult time. Thank you, Coral :-)  

- C.H.

Driving Phobia Feedback

After many years of avoiding driving on motorways I decided it was time to seek professional help.

After just two sessions of hypnotherapy with Coral I had the confidence to book a refresher motorway driving lesson and, subsequently, have driven on motorways without stressing out - I’ve even enjoyed the experience! Thank you so much Coral for all your invaluable help and calm professionalism.

- K.T.

Menopause Relief 

I haven't had to take a sleeping tablet in the 5 weeks we have been working together, my sleeping has improved so much. 


Nail biting

I began to feel and see results within 1 week of our first session.  I have now finished all my 3 sessions and waited over 25 days before writing my recommendation.  I am and would recommend Room 101 Therapy (Coral) who just wishes to improve their life balance.  It's simple, easy and mind blowing. 


Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Not only did Coral help with the physical issue of bruxism ..... she allowed my past anxieties to be released


Dental Phobia

I feel free of my anxiety and look forward to ongoing treatment without much worry.  I have benefitted in other areas of my life with a new found calmness and confidence.


Gastric Band

To say I'm pleased is an understatement.  I feel so much better in myself , I'm more agile, can get down to tie my shoes without becoming a breathless, sweaty wreck.  I can whittle my way into tight corners to clean lol.  I'm enjoying wearing clothes that aren't all loose and tent shaped.  I can now get into my size 12 jeans....... I'm eating much healthier than I have done in years and I don't miss chocolate at all. 



I suffer from health anxiety for a long time tried the CBT therapy a few years back and didn't do much for me, with coral and the hypnotherapy I was absolute blown away after the first session, for the first week I felt like I was on top of the world & 4 sessions in feeling and noticing a lot more about my mental heath for anyone with anxiety or other mental health problems for sure try the hypnotherapy course you won't be disappointed.



I tried hypnotherapy on a bit of a whim after deciding I wanted to tackle various issues that had developed over the years. I signed up for three sessions and I am so pleased I did. Coral is extremely professional and put me at ease straight away. With her help I have developed techniques to help with my confidence and anxiety and I would highly recommend Coral and her services.


General Anxiety

This was a really positive experience hypnotherapy really helped me with anxiety Coral makes you feel completely at ease and helped me with techniques dealing with the anxiety.



I recently spoke with Coral and she helped put my mind fully at ease and would highly recommend to others. Thanks a lot Coral. 



Hypnotherapy was one of many things I tried to put a stop to some of the debilitating symptoms that came with post natal anxiety. The results have been more than I could have imagined. I am so happy to have had the chance to give this a go! Coral was fantastic and made me feel so comfortable!


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